Hua Diao wine aged 20 years Huangjiu

Unit Price: USD 151.0000 / Carton
Min. Order: 100 Carton

Basic Info

Model No.: 31500008

classification: Alcohol

place of origin: China

grade: Food Grade

Type: Wine

Alcoholicity: Low-Degree

Producing Method: Fermentation

Main Ingredient: Wheat

Taste: Dry

Packing: Bottle

Additional Info


Transportation: Ocean

Place of Origin: CHINA

HS Code: 220600100


Product Description

20 years,Net weight:500ML. It is made from Jian Lake water, fine white glutinous rice and high-quality wheat by traditional technology and natural fermentation. It is filled in Jingdezhen blue-and-white porcelain vase from Jiangxi Province. The vase body is made of Zicheng porcelain, which is exquisite, classical, elegant and plain. On the front of the bottle body, there are the words "20 Years of Storage" and the "Best Sign of Ginis in the Great World", the best gift for the banquet. Alcohol ≥ 14.0vol, sugar content 15.1g/L-40g/L, wine fragrance overflowing, mellow and sweet, belongs to half-dry Hua Diao wine.

Hua Diao wine aged 20 years HuangjiuHua Diao wine aged 20 years HuangjiuHua Diao wine aged 20 years Huangjiu

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